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Reading In The Bathroom: Good Items For Pursuing A Sense Of Ritual

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    The act of reading is not just an activity; it’s a ritual that transports us to different realms, offering solace, excitement, and knowledge all from the comfort of a good reading book.

    While reading corners and cozy nooks are often the go-to spots for book lovers, there’s an underrated sanctuary that many find surprisingly inviting: the bathroom.

    With the door locked and the world outside muted, a bathroom can become a private retreat for uninterrupted reading bliss. Let’s transform this personal space into a literary haven with some thoughtfully chosen items.

    Why the bathroom is the perfect reading retreat

    In our bustling lives, finding a peaceful moment for reading can be a luxury. The bathroom, a place where solitude is expected and respected, offers a unique opportunity.

    Here, amidst the tranquility, a good reading book becomes a portal to serenity.

    reading in the bathroom

    The very act of stepping into a bathroom to read creates a physical and psychological space where one can disconnect, relax, and indulge in the pleasures of reading without the fear of interruption.

    Items for creating the perfect bathroom reading atmosphere

    The following is a good thing we recommend for the toilet reading atmosphere:

    Reading rack

    Imagine a sleek, wall-mounted reading rack that holds your first reading book at just the right angle.

    This fixture should be sturdy yet stylish, keeping your literature safe from splashes while complementing your bathroom’s decor.

    Look for features like adjustable arms to hold different-sized books or tablets, and a rust-resistant finish to withstand the humid bathroom environment.

    Waterproof reading devices

    For those who prefer digital reading, waterproof devices are a godsend. A protective waterproof tablet case allows you to swipe through ebooks without fear of water damage.

    For the traditional book lover, consider a waterproof book cover that shields your first reading book from moisture, ensuring the pages remain crisp and dry.

    High-Quality reading materials

    The content of your reading is as important as the environment you’re in. Stock your bathroom with an assortment of high-quality reading materials.

    Whether it’s a collection of classic literature, the latest thrillers, or enlightening non-fiction, having a variety of options can suit any mood or reading preference.

    Bathroom-Specific fragrances

    A carefully selected fragrance can greatly enhance the reading experience.

    A diffuser with essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus can provide a calming backdrop to your story, while a scented candle can add a warm and inviting glow, making your reading session a multisensory journey.

    Quality compact speaker

    Soft background music can be the perfect companion to your reading.

    A quality compact speaker that connects seamlessly with your devices can fill the room with ambient sounds or light instrumental tracks, creating an enveloping atmosphere that allows you to focus on your reading.

    Ambient decor

    The visual ambiance is key in creating a reading retreat.

    Consider adding tasteful artwork, perhaps a small painting or a framed quote from your favorite book.

    A healthy potted plant can also bring life and a touch of nature to the space, enhancing the overall mood for reading.

    Soothing background music devices

    To further set the mood, install a device dedicated to playing soothing background music.

    This could be a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker or an integrated sound system that can be controlled remotely.

    The right melody can help you relax and enhance your immersion in the reading material.

    Portable convenient tabletop

    A portable tabletop is a must for those who enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading.

    Choose one that’s adjustable and stable, so you can easily reach for your drink or snacks without having to move from your comfortable spot.

    Comfortable toilet seat

    The foundation of a great bathroom reading experience is a comfortable toilet seat. Opt for one with ergonomic design, cushioning, and warmth to make even extended reading sessions a pleasure.

    Toilet Light

    A well-chosen toilet light casts a gentle glow, creating an intimate space that’s perfect for reading without straining your eyes.

    It should be soft enough to maintain the room’s calm ambiance but bright enough to allow for easy reading.

    How to Select the Right Toilet Light?

    Selecting the ideal toilet light for your bathroom can greatly influence your reading experience.

    Here are several aspects to contemplate to ensure your choice not only provides functionality but also enhances your reading ritual:

    Brightness levels

    The intensity of light is crucial. You’ll want a toilet light that offers adjustable brightness settings.

    For reading, a light that’s too dim may strain your eyes, while one that’s too bright can be glaring and disruptive.

    Look for a toilet light with a range that includes a soft glow for those middle-of-the-night visits and a brighter setting for reading without strain.

    Color options

    Color can affect mood and visibility.

    Some toilet lights come with a spectrum of colors you can choose from.

    While white or yellow light is generally best for reading, you may enjoy the option to switch to calming colors like blue or green for a more relaxing bathroom environment when not reading.

    Motion activation

    Consider the convenience of a motion-activated toilet light, which turns on when you enter the bathroom and off when you leave.

    This is not only energy-efficient but also means you won’t need to fumble for a switch in the dark.

    For a reading-friendly environment, look for a light with a sensor that won’t turn off while you’re still in the room, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted illumination.

    Manual operation

    If you prefer more control or find motion sensors too sensitive, a manual toilet light might be more to your liking.

    These lights will stay on or off until you decide otherwise, giving you full control over when and how you use your light.

    many toilet lights

    Adjustable settings

    A toilet light that allows for personalization will enable you to tailor the ambiance of your bathroom to your reading needs. Look for lights that have simple controls, such as a remote or a smartphone app, which allow you to adjust settings without having to touch the light itself.

    Ease of installation

    The ease with which you can set up your toilet light is also an important consideration. Opt for one that is easy to install and doesn’t require any wiring or complicated tools.

    Many toilet lights are battery-operated and come with a flexible arm or adhesive pad that can be easily attached to any toilet.

    Durability and cleanliness

    Since the toilet light will be in a bathroom, it should be made of waterproof or water-resistant materials that can withstand a humid environment. It should also be easy to clean, as bathrooms can accumulate germs and bacteria.

    How to install a toilet light?

    Installing a toilet light is typically a simple process that doesn’t require professional help. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your new light is set up correctly:

    • Check the Package Contents: Ensure all parts listed in the instructions are included in the package.
    • Prepare the Surface: Clean the toilet surface where the light will be attached. It should be dry and free of debris to ensure the adhesive sticks properly.
    • Positioning the Light: Decide where on the toilet you want the light. It should be placed where the sensor can detect movement effectively and where the light can illuminate the area without being blocked.
    • Attaching the Light: If your light uses adhesive, peel off the protective backing and press the light firmly against the toilet. For lights with a flexible arm, bend it to hook securely onto the rim of the toilet bowl.
    • Adjustment: Adjust the angle of the light if necessary to ensure it adequately lights up the toilet area without shining directly in your eyes when seated.
    • Testing: Turn on the light, often by pressing a button on the device, to test its operation. Check the motion sensor by walking away and returning to see if it activates and deactivates as expected.


    To wrap up, crafting a bathroom into a reading retreat is all about choosing the right items that not only enhance comfort but also appeal to the senses.

    With these thoughtful touches, you can elevate the simple act of reading in the bathroom to a cherished ritual, making every page turn a pleasure.



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